Protect Longer With Scotchgard™!

When applied by our professional carpet technicians, ScotchgardTM has been protecting customers for 50 years. Safe and effective, it helps carpet fibers resist soiling, makes spills easier to clean up and stains release more easily during cleaning, and helps carpet and upholstery stay cleaner longer.

With protection against both water- and oil-based stains, ScotchgardTM helps keep spills from becoming hard-to-clean stains. It repels liquids, so spills can be blotted up quickly and easily. And it also makes vacuuming more effective! Dirt is more easily picked up, meaning fewer passes are required with a vacuum.

Scotchgard™ Q&A

Will it change the feel of my carpets?

With some carpets and upholstery, you may experience a slight change in feel after Scotchgard™ has been applied. However, routine vacuuming and traffic will bring back the original feel.

Will it be effective after cleaning? How long will it last?

How long the protection lasts depends primarily on how much use the carpet and upholstery receive and how well they are cared for. For optimum performance, it’s best to have Scotchgard™ reapplied after each professional cleaning. The most important thing to remember is that even with Scotchgard™ in place, carpet and upholstery require good housekeeping practices.

Is Scotchgard™ safe for residential or commercial applications?

Yes, all 3M products sold under the Scotchgard brand name have been thoroughly tested and are safe for their intended use. Scotchgard products manufactured after December 31, 2000, do not use, contain, or degrade to PFOA or PFOS. The new materials are deemed acceptable for sale by the U.S. EPA and other environmental agencies around the world.

Spot Plus Carpet Care provides professional Scotchgard treatments to protect your carpets, rugs and furniture.

Scotchgard™ protectant, combined with proper care and cleaning, will make a big difference in retaining your carpet and upholstery’s beauty over many years of regular use. The best time to apply is right after a professional cleaning, so be sure to ask us about applying Scotchgard™ to your rugs, carpets, and furniture when you schedule your next appointment!

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