Carpet Color Correction Experts

Did you know that bleach spots on rugs and carpets are always yellow, no matter what the orginal carpet color is? Did you know that carpet faded by the sun can be restored to its original color? These are just a few of the many situations that the expert technicians at Spot Plus have been trained to handle.

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We Can Fix Stains, Fading, and Other Color Damage

Some stains aren’t ‘stains’ at all, but actually a loss of color. This can be the result of spills from bleach, acne medicine, some harsh cleaners, pet urine, pesticides, plant food, and so on. But your carpet’s color loss doesn’t have to be permanent!  We do not remove the ‘stain’, we restore your carpet’s appearance with the addition of color, by using judiciously-applied carpet dyes to correct spill spots, sun-fading, mismatched color at carpet seams, and many simiilar situations. We use dyes that are specifically designed for nylon and wool carpet.

Before & After Photos

Spot Plus Carpet Care - Bleach spot removal 'before' photo
Spot Plus Carpet Care - Bleach spot removal 'after' photo

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