Tile & Grout That Looks Like New

Over time, soil and grime can build up on your tile floors. It happens so slowly that it can go unnoticed, and even with regular household cleaning, your kitchen and bathroom floor tile ends up dull and dirty. The same holds true for grout, particularly if light-colored; it grows darker and grimier before you even notice it. The professional tile-cleaning technicians at Spot Plus can clean and refresh your tile and grout, making it sparkle like a brand new floor.

With Tile Floors, Clean Means Healthy

With use, tile surface can trap dirt and bacteria. This is especially true in heavliy trafficked areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. Grout is porous and can trap oils and other liquids, leaving it grimy and discolored. Normal cleaners and cleaning methods cannot get deep enough, or are not thorough enough; only professionals with the right equipment, such as we use, can give your tile floor the deep clean it needs.

Before & After Photos

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